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U.S. Domestic Labels for International Orders

At VIPparcel we believe customers from across the world should be able to use our service and that’s why we created a program that allows you to print USPS postage using VIPparcel.com.

The way it works is very simple:

  • You are located at any country in the World, outside the USA and sell your merchandize to American customers. United States is your selling market.
  • Using VIPparcel.com print your U.S. Domestic labels with a future date and affix them to your individually packed parcels.
  • Then you pack all of your smaller parcels into one larger box and send to our warehouse. This way you pay for international shipping just once, for a big box, not per every single order you sent to your American customers.
  • Once we receive the package, the smaller packages will be taken out and given to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to your customers. You can also track your packages via VIPparcel.com or USPS.com.

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How partnership with VIPparcel.com benefits you

Customers love our service!

Hi, my name is Berker, I’m the owner of the jewelry store in Ankara, Turkey. I sell golden rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces trough Amazon. VIPparcel.com has helped me push my business into the United States while saving me money on all shipping. It’s a wonderful service and I’m happy I’ve found it! Shipping from Turkey to be distributed in the US has never been easier.
Berker U.,
Ankara, Turkey
I sell Coogi jumpers (sweaters) on eBay for American people. Shipping individual packages from Australia to the United States has always been expensive, but now I can do just that by working in conjunction with VIPparcel.com. My customers have their product delivered fast by a trusted USPS service and I save a lot on all of my shipments. My American sales are doubled thanks to huge savings on shipping, that VIPparcel.com provides.
Barbara S.,
Brisbane, Australia
I’m in business of selling Indian pashmina shawls and sarees. Using eBay and VIPparcel I can easily reach desired American market. In business, customers come first and we have discovered that by using VIPparcel’s service, our buyers are a lot happier. Packages are delivered much quicker, there are always domestic tracking numbers and most importantly, I can pass the shipping costs savings to them. I recommend this service for all stores based in India that sell to American customers.
Swapnil B.,
Jaipur, India
We are in love with this service! Selling small Italian leather goods like handbags, purses, gloves we have experienced difficulties with shipping cost before. It always had been expensive to send internationally a single item. As a husband and wife team, we were looking how to reduce this part of expense for our small business and VIPparcel helps us save a lot of money on shipping from Italy! Now we just print USPS domestic labels for every sold item, then put all of the daily sales in to big boxes and send to VIPparcel’s warehouse using express carrier. Our American customers get their purchases within 3-5 business days and that is amazing! This way we have significantly speed up the shipping process and reduced the shipping cost up to 5 times. VIPparcel’s service is a must-have for our customers and us. In fact, we’re planning on moving into a bigger facility next year!
Adriano and Francesca D.
Florence, Italy


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